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Salty Minnow

Salty Minnow

  • One - Salty Minnow Fly
  • Gamakatsu Big Game 1/0 SL 12
  • 3 inch average length
  • Our MFC Salty Minnow has a slender  profile that mimics the appearance of a clear baitish. It can be used in various conditions where there are small prey present. Engineered for both realism and resilience, this fly features a translucent body, durable construction and lifelike eyes, ensuring an irrisistable allure to predatory fish. 

    With an imitated Baitfish pattern that is popular in Hawaii, Our flies have excellent movement in the tail with a rock solid resin head that holds a perfect profile. Swims beautifully and will last fish after fish.


    All sales final. No Refunds or Exchanges.


    USPS standard shipping. When product is shipped expect it to arrive within 5-7 business days . Cannot be shipped outside of the US.

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